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George Isiah Chavez III.

Company Dancer

George Isiah Chavez III is a Professional Dancer, and Creative who has an unyielding passion for movement and artistic expression. George’s journey in the world of dance began at the age of 14 years old where George started training in various dance styles such as Contemporary, Ballet, Jazz, Hip hop, and African dance. George continued to train in these styles and has since found a deeper connection to the contemporary dance world, once they became a student at Kennesaw State University’s dance program in Fall of 2021.


Since admitted into the dance program George has performed in Original works by Chuck Wilt, Ivan Paulinkalla, Billy J. Hawkains III, and Lauren Overstreet. In addition George has continued to hone their skills under the Instruction and Artistic direction of Lisa K. Lock, Autumn Eckman, Caitlin Gray, and Marsha Barsky. 

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