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Company Dancer

Frisco began her journey as in artist in theater from as young as she can remember. She started with singing, ventured into acting, and then finally dance. She began her dance studies at Kennesaw State University, where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Modern Dance. There, she was apart of the dance company for 5 consecutive semesters. While in college, she traveled to Los Angeles where she trained with world renown studios such as Mellienium Dance Complex and IMMA SPACE, for the duration of summer. After her return she continued to train and teach dance at various schools and studios, expanding both her teaching and dance skills/artistry.


Currently, Frisco teaches dance technique at multiple schools and programs in the metro the Atlanta area. She enjoys keeping herself busy by taking dance classes, exercising, teaching stretch sessions, and day trading. She plans on traveling abroad to join a dance company oversees in the near future. Frisco will continue to expand her knowledge by going back to school for her Masters in Psychological Dance Movement Analysis. She looks forward to eventually being a dance professor on a university level.

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