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Jadyn Tamborello

Apprentice Dancer

Jadyn Tamborello is a freshman dance major at Kennesaw State University. Jadyn is a ballet concentration within the department, but she also has a deep love for contemporary dance. Jadyn has been dancing for 15 years and she is so excited to have the opportunity to perform with SOMOS for the first time. She is from Cumming, GA and primarily trained at a ballet performance studio. Dance has been a constant in her life and it has helped her through the hardest of times. She wouldn't be the person she is today without dance and the people who constantly support her throughout everything. Jadyn’s mission in this field is to express herself and to learn as much as she can. She is interested in teaching, choreographing, and dancing professionally. Jadyn is so lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of this field and she is so excited for the growth that will take place in this process. Dance can heal in a way that nothing else can, and she hopes she can impact others through this art form the way she has been so heavily impacted.

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